Sunday, March 18, 2012

Precincts and Plantings

We've been dreaming about gardens lately. Ours, in particular, and that's a problem because we'll have to till the entire thing. Shortly after moving in, we managed to dig up an area big enough for the rhubarb transplants from Grandma's place, as well as a few bean and corn seeds, but this year's garden plan calls for lots more space. So we've been moving various pieces of aging farm detritus aside to make room for the giant seed pack we bought and the thirty or so trees headed our way.

With gardens on the brain, the phone call we got the other day from the neighbor that's helping us plant the fields was certainly a propos. We'd intended to plant wheat and oats, but it turns out they get planted and harvested at different times, meaning it's twice the work. That sounded unpleasant, so we decided just to do wheat this year. A few hours of tractor driving (the boys enjoyed helping) and one struggle with insufficient diesel coolant later, we have a planted wheat field. It rained a couple hours after we finished, which is about the best timing we could hope for. Now we just have to hope we'll have water enough to last the year...

Meanwhile, in response to encouragement to participate in local politics, we attended last week's Republican precinct caucus meeting. We've not been affiliated with any political party, and although the Constitution party seemed, in practice, more in line with our views than any other option, we chose to attend the Republican caucus because it seemed unlikely any significant political effort will happen in Utah in the near future without the implicit approval of local Republicans. Plus it promised to be a lively event.

Kanosh tends to get worked up over politics, apparently, and I admit I sort of wanted to listen to a good argument. So I was surprised when the meeting generally subdued, or even soporific. The purpose, we eventually discovered, was to elect leadership for the local party, and delegates to the county and state conventions. The party leadership has few responsibilities beyond organizing the next caucus meeting in two years; delegates are responsible for winnowing the field of party candidates for various offices down to the two or three that will appear on the ballot when the party's primary election takes place. So the only real presentation of political viewpoints came when our newly elected precinct party chairman took issue with an endorsement of Senator Orrin Hatch, and I, our newly elected vice-chairman, backed him up for reasons I've expressed elsewhere, as well as a few other reasons.

Karlyn was elected a county delegate. The county convention apparently chooses candidates only for county commissioner. We may decide to attend the state convention as well, just for kicks, or to give ourselves opportunity to continue whining about Senator Hatch. Neither of us really has much idea specifically what our new offices entail, nor what specific duties are expected of us, but I guess we'll live and learn. I hope the wheat grows decently, in the meantime.