Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'd like to get back to the point that I'm regularly using tools to accomplish something directly useful, rather than using tools to fix other tools. The handle on our ax recently broke, and eventually I replaced it. The new handle lasted about 20 strokes before it too broke. Now I'm back to sanding a second replacement handle to get it to fit. Meantime we replenish the wood pile with wedges and a sledgehammer. The wheel barrow was, in fact, successfully resurrected and put to useful purpose (hauling firewood) so there, at least, we've made progress.

I'm grateful for sharpening stones, oils in their various forms, and most of all today, a Day of Rest.


  1. Growing up we found the 'Monster Maul' the best answer to actual splitting. Especially when dealing with that green, stringy crap we had to lay up to season. A quick search brings up:


    Those look similar enough to the ones we had back then. We had two weights, and they always were better than using wedges or any other kind of axe or sledge for large splitting.

    Yes, it weighs more, but if you are swinging correctly, you'll find you actually get far less tired with this than using other equipment. And you won't break that handle.

  2. Funny you should mention... I bought one last Friday. I haven't yet broken the handle, but I also haven't yet figured out the right way to do it, apparently. At least for the wood I've been trying it out on, the first several whacks tend just to mash the end grain up, even though (as far as I can see) I'm hitting it in just the right spot. Perhaps Youtube will correct the error in my ways.