Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paging Alfred Hitchcock

We've been advised to encourage the local community of swallows, because they eat the mosquitoes, and in fact we haven't even knocked down the two mud nests on our front porch (despite dire warnings from various skeptics about the consequences and persistent nature of the swallows). I'd noted that we'd had seen very few mosquitoes flying around; in a big rainstorm we had the other day, the swallows all perched on the power lines in our backyard, and I realized what the mosquitoes are up against.

My aging cell phone camera probably doesn't do it justice, but there are swallows perched at regular intervals all along each of the four visible power lines, and may more in the air looking for a dry and/or warm place to roost.

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  1. Down with the mosquitoes and up with their enemies!