Saturday, August 6, 2011

Highlights of the week

Somehow this week I'm feeling particularly productive. The toilet still leaks, there's still plenty of painting to do, I haven't started redoing the electrical systems (which I have to do soon so we can insulate before winter starts), and I found another wasps nest. But this week we built a chicken coop...

...and a nice gated enclosure to go around it (complete with makeshift irritating string all over the top as security theater against hawks)...

...and I patched the bit of the roof over the master bathroom where the shingles had torn off.

It's not pretty, but I think it will last one winter, after which we're thinking of redoing the roof anyway, or at least this part of it. I used tar paper nails (left) instead of roofing nails (right), ...

...and hip/ridge shingles rather than normal ones, but again, it only has to last one winter (or maybe two), and now I've learned from that mistake before we redo the whole thing. We've been considering metal roofing, but realized only the south-facing portion of the roof needs to be redone anyway, so we may just replace the south shingles, and leave the rest alone. When that hits the top of the priority list.

So I feel good about this week. Now to figure out how to move the chickens and their crazy heavy new home, so their manure fertilizes the lawn instead of killing it.


  1. Oh, and we put together the barbecue, minus the left-side hinge pin for the lid, which either wasn't packed with the rest of the barbecue, or was eaten by a cat before I got to it. I sorta suspect the latter. Meantime, the lid doesn't open nicely, but the barbecue looks nicer sitting on the porch in its (mostly) assembled glory than it did in a soggy cardboard box with earwigs underneath.