Sunday, July 10, 2011

We did it!!!


Well, we did it! What did we do exactly? That is a good question and one I hope I can answer.

A week ago Saturday we loaded all of our belongings onto a 26' Uhaul. Okay, not quite all our belongings. You can really accumulate stuff, even when you have six people in a two bedroom condo. Fortunately we have some wonderful family and, on Monday the 4th, were able to get everything that didn't quite fit into the Uhaul on Saturday either in our car, or mostly into a "favorite" Aunt's car. Down we headed to Kanosh, just over two hours south of Salt Lake.

We got to the house about 2ish and started unloading the cars. Josh got there with the Uhaul about 30 minutes later. Another wonderful family member and his family showed up to spend the fourth with us at our new house. Between Josh, "favorite" Aunt, Uncle and his family, and various towns people that just showed up to say hi, one being the former owner's son, Kyle, the truck was completely unloaded by 5pm. Now that was a very pleasant surprise as we were expecting to finish the unloading on Tuesday when the bulk of the people were going to come and help. Wahoo!!!

The adventure begins....

We have been having frequent afternoon/evening thunder storms. Nothing very big, just a little bit here and a little bit there. Well, on Tuesday evening a lightning bolt decided to give us a closer look and struck our transformer (the kids response to the noise was, "Whoaaa!"). Our roast in the oven stopped cooking, our lights went out (which wasn't too bad since it was only 4pm), and our well pump stopped working. Yes, if you don't have a well pump you don't have water.

We weren't so sure if it was just us without power or if the other 3 houses on our mile long road were without as well. So, we went for a walk (the sky was clear by then). The house closest to us had its sprinklers on and the door bell rang (okay, answered that question). The next question. Out in the middle of no where, what do you do when you don't have power? We called Kyle and asked him that exact question. He helpfully pointed us to the electric company that supplies this house.

A call was placed to Flowell Electric and a crew was dispatched immediately to replace our blown-up transformer. Without any hastle and a nice conversation the power was back on by 9pm. Yay, electric guys!!! Now time to put kids to bed. Wait, the water doesn't work?! But the power is back on. Well, we might as well wait 'till tomorrow morning and to figure out what might be wrong with the water.

The morning comes and after another phone call to Kyle and various other people, several hours, and hundreds of dollars later we have water!! Now, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Kyle's wife, Stacy heard of our "troubles" on Wednesday morning and brought over two loaves of home made bread, two cases of bottled water, one gallon of water for washing hands, a huge bag of sweedish fish, a box of Capri Sun, and strawberry freezer jam. Yeah, hard times, right?

Well, keep watching because there are lots more adventures to come. Here is just a snip-it of our to do list: Replace all the windows, remove the grass from around the foundation, replace the electrical wire in the old part of the house, spray the basement with bleach so we can clean up the 50 lbs of rat droppings and fill the basement for storage, connect the three separate plumbing jobs to convert to one water heater (instead of 3) and add a water softener. That doesn't even get the the 20 acres of land! Fun times!!

Here are some pictures of our property.

Front Yard with the BIG tree.

Out door fire place (can you say future bread oven!)

Looking back from kitchen door. If you look really close you can see a brown wood fence just right of the middle of the picture. Follow that back as far as it goes and that is basically our property line.

View looking west from kitchen door. (Oh yeah, we have like 6 outside doors.) If you can see past the smudge on the lens everything that is brown is ours.

Looking west from the front of the house.


  1. Are you going to build one long staircase just going up and one even longer coming down? And one more leading no where just for show?

  2. As soon as we have loud "cheeps and chirps and squawks and honks" to land like a trumpet on the ear, as if to say, "Here lives a gigantic mess."

  3. Oh, I love it! What a beautiful house.

  4. BTW, visitors are very welcome. Josh just says bring a shovel, or even better a ladder if you have one :).