Sunday, July 31, 2011


I've been thinking a bit about why I wanted to move here in the first place. One reason is "luxury". The typical definition of luxury includes such beauties as a 50" television, a boat for the weekend, and a big truck to pull it. Or perhaps leather furniture, deep carpet, and granite counter tops. At the typical grocery store, all the bacon is smoked in apple wood, because someone decided a while back that that's what tastes the best, all the milk is homogenized and pasteurized, and all the cheese is atomic yellow, because that's what everyone thinks they want.

The luxury I want is to be able to watch the sunrise, without a building getting in the way (and sunrise here is amazing). A 50" TV might be nice, but not as nice as looking at few hundred feet of newly cleared irrigation ditch and knowing I've just accomplished something. It was nice living in a place where flies, ants, and spiders weren't much of a problem, but I appreciate times like that much more now that I've spent an evening vacuuming earwigs out of the living room carpet.

Wanna know why the cheese gets dyed yellow? Because better milk produces yellower butter and cheese, and people used to judge the quality of their food on traits like that. I want the luxury of starting with better milk.


  1. This is a great post. I can't wait to come visit sometimes and enjoy some of these luxuries myself...although I think I'll pass on the earwigs, thanks. :)

  2. Why are earwigs so hideous? Seriously my least favorite insect. Could they be any more sinister?

  3. I've learned to find earwigs less immediately creepy, though they are still subject to the fullness of my wrath. Clearing around the foundation and spraying the door with vinegar seems to have kept them mostly at bay.