Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe...

Our next adventure came in the form of a road trip. I had reserved four little kittens two weeks back when I knew we would definitely be moving. Four kittens, how come so many? Why to catch the mice of course!! We picked them up from a family in Nephi. They were kittens of a stray that had adopted this family. We thought about taking the mother, but decided against it since she showed signs of wanting to ditch the kittens.

We load the kittens up in a box and head the hour trip back home. We had been talking about what we want to call these cats for quite a while and never came up with anything we liked. After we got home, unloaded the kittens and introduced them to their new home it came to me. Four kittens make Eeny, Meeny, Miney, and Moe!

Here are the twins, Eeny, and Meeny. (Meeny is just slightly lighter grey on her head than Eeny. Miney is the lighter on in the front.)

Here is sister Miney. She is mostly white faced with a little white tip on the end of her tail.

Here is the man of the family, brother Moe.

The kids, and mommy and daddy, just LOVE the darling little cats! Being as we have never brought an animal home to live with use we weren't quite sure how to keep these little guys around since they are strictly outside cats. In fact we thought we had lost them for a few hours Saturday night since we couldn't see them anywhere.

Andrew was very worried and decided to take matters into his own hands and informed me that he said a prayer asking that the kittens would be safe and want to stay with us. About an hour later...

We found that they had discovered a hole in our foundation that would provide refuge from the commotion of four small children (especially the super lovey two year old who runs up yelling, "My kitty, my kitty!"). Thanks, Andrew!

We were told that Moe, the brother, is the calmest and most cuddly and that is proving to be true for us as well. When sisters are off playing Moe is usually relaxing in the shade. In fact Andrew and Daddy have taken to Moe. Before the end of the day yesterday Andrew had Moe walking up to him.

Day two is proving to be a good sign. This morning Andrew comes up and asks how much food he is suppose to give the kittens so he can feed them (this was slightly before 6 am). All the other kids also made it a priority to play with the kittens as soon as they were awake. Fortunately the kittens seem to be liking it here and have been playing back. Yay!!

Hopefully they will continue to stick around and be safe from any predators in the area and we will have a long time to tend and appreciate the cute cats.

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