Saturday, June 25, 2011

In my inbox...

I'm planning a post describing the process we've been through to purchase our little house of dreams, but refuse to write it until we have the keys in-hand. In the meantime, there's this:

From: Friendly Uncle and Mortgage Guy
To: Us
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 13:27:47 -0600
Subject: Great News

I just saved 15% on my car insurance....

And your loan is fully approved and we are ready to close!

What day and time works best for the two of you to sign papers?

Uncle and Mortgage Guy
The Mortgage Company
123-456-7890 ext. 123
123-456-7891 fax

Monday, June 13, 2011


A number of people have wondered what has possessed us to want to move off to our own little corner of nowhere and grow stuff. I had an epiphany on the subject today while chatting with a like-minded family member (who, incidentally, introduced me to this very interesting-looking website): When I wake up in the morning, I'm dependent on the guy who made my sheets. And the one that built my windows, my roof, and my shower. I'm dependent on the guy who makes razors (on the relatively rare occasion I choose to use one), the folks that produce soap, and the ones that power my refrigerator.

I don't like that

It's not that I want to have to do all those things for myself. I'm not terribly interested in sleeping regularly on homespun sheets, keeping my milk in an ice house (and spending the winter cutting ice from ponds to stock it), or replacing thatch. But I want to know that I can do it. Does that make it sound less crazy?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh, hi there...

It looks like we're moving. To the middle of nowhere. With 20 acres. Reactions our plan to abandon the city life we know for the rural life we don't are mixed; most of those older generation folks who grew up on (generally small) farms love the idea, most of those young folks who grew up on farms of any size think we're crazy, and (sub)urbanites are all over the map. But from the enthusiastic supporters of the idea (and there are some) have come several suggestions to blog about it. So here goes. For now, there's not much to see here, but eventually we'll probably forget all about this blog thing and get back to work put some pictures up, talk about this project or that, or complain about how the dogs trampled the flower beds again. Enjoy!